Any usage of Catrack Entertainment Limited’s (CATRACK) Repertoire, audio or video, in part or full, commercial or non-commercial, attracts a licensing fee. The referenced Repertoire,whether it be in form of a rendition or performance on the CATRACK original soundtrack would be subject to licensing approvals and payment of requisite fees. This will be applicable for Television shows, commercial endorsements, advertising jingles, documentary & feature films, live shows, any ground event, including artiste concerts, public performance in hotels,malls, bigger establishments etc.

Any public performance or usage of any sound recording or video, in part or full, needs license from Catrack Entertainment Ltd. under the Copyright Act, 1957. Please note that CATRACK is not a member of PPL, or any of its affiliates or international representations. Since all copyrights vest with CATRACK, any licensing dues would be collected by us directly. Hence, all licensing queries for any CATRACK footage in any format (audio or video) need to be referred to us directly at the following email address:-

All Ground Licenses in India (for events, hotels, pubs, etc.) will be issued by our authorized representatives.

You can fill in the form below, specifying your exact Licensing interests along with the film / song name and other relevant details, to look into your licensing query.

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