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No Lock-in

With our no lock-in policy, you can leave anytime with 30 days notice.

Fair Payout

Signing up with CATRACK means you get our best deal, period. CATRACK pays out in form of a revenue share model. Our partners receive a high rate of 60% of all revenues we receive from YouTube.

We do not place an artificial $2 or $3 cap on your earnings the way others do.

Why Partner with CATRACK ?

1. No minimums – We pay out all earnings monthly, even $0.01!

2. Support – Learn how to get more views and optimize your Channel with professional guidance.

3. Ownership and Control – You keep ownership of all the videos and IP you create, and you keep complete control of your channel. Nothing changes for you in the way you run your channel. Adding the CATRACK Logo on your Banner is optional, if you wish to !

4. Community – Join our friendly CATRACK community of YouTubers and Live Streamers who will help you grow.

5. No quota – There is no minimum video quota. You can upload 10 videos a day or 1 a year. You decide!

6. Live Stream – You will get live streaming on your own YouTube Channel using Hangouts On Air.

Minimum Requirements to be Considered for Partnership

1. 1,000 Daily Impressions

2. No Channel Strikes (‘Terms of Use’ or ‘Copyright’)

3. No Copyright Material (Music and protected video content)

4. Active Channel

We also recommend that partners include CATRACK in their feature channels box.


YouTube takes copyright very seriously and so do we. Please Read YouTube Copyright Policies And Tips at :

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